Optimum Health & Lifestyle Program

shutterstock_85816729Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan
with Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Bring your life to a whole new level with a
complete wellness program specially designed for you

Now you can have a personal coach that helps you undergo a Total Life Transformation!

Treat yourself to an unparalleled experience in healing with an expanded menu of fabulous advanced healing modalities and cutting edge protocols developed by Dr. Aurora Ariel. Receive weekly or bi-weekly support with her breakthrough coaching and counseling technology, while being on a self actualizing program that can include restoring spa treatments, healthy diet and fitness support, giving you the best in anti-aging, longevity, health and wellbeing that will keep you vital and passionate about life.
Dr. Ariel provides you with a complete assessment and a personally tailored Optimum Health and Lifestyle Program that includes her ongoing support as a Wellness Coach, Counselor, Nutritionist, and Healer.
Your Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan can include the following protocols: Miracle Weight Loss, Total Body Modification (TBM), Stress Release, Brain Chemistry Balancing, Addiction Release, Relationship Healing, TheQuest Life Coach/Counseling Sessions, Women's Empowerment, Ending Cycles of Abuse, Relationship Healing, Total Life Transformation program and more. Watch as your life transforms under her expert care, bringing you a cutting edge Healing Experience that is unique on the planet.
Years of Dr. Ariel’s pioneering work in Psychology and Neuroscience resulted in the development of a breakthrough psychological healing system (TheQuest) and a host of individually tailored Optimum Health and Lifestyle programs on the cutting edge that include her advanced healing protocols and programs. She utilizes a wide range of cutting edge healing modalities to bring people back to Optimum Health quickly with miraculous results, working on all levels simultaneously, with great success in healing conditions once thought unchangeable. Why wait when a Total Life Transformation is a phone call away!


$500 for Personal Assessment and
Creation of Your Personalized Optimum Health & Lifestyle Program
$250 an hour for private sessions (1-4 a month for 6 months or 1 year)

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