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Enjoy a Vast Array of Advanced & Ancient Healing Arts
in exceptional sessions and readings with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

When you Heal Your Life, You Change Your Destiny & Your Future Becomes Brighter!
This is the Alchemy of the Inner Transformation of Self!
As Your Inner World Shifts… Your Outer World follows in Obedience

Sacred Alchemy™
Sacred Alchemy: The Inner Transformation of Self

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Fulfill the Highest Destiny You Were Born For!

Sacred Alchemy is a deep inner process that transforms the baser aspects of self into the Gold of the True Nature… Affecting positive change within the individual, their relationships, offerings, businesses and the planet. Working from deep within the psyche, a powerful ALCHEMY occurs that transforms the person’s life from within. Facilitating positive inner changes that re-pattern your outer reality to the Divine Intention, these sessions enhance soul discovery, restore your Authentic Power, realign you with your True Identity, balance and unify your feminine and masculine sides, and more. In each session, Deep Awakenings can occur that are powerful and life changing. Lifetimes of clearings take place, healing the causal level and all the patterns and beliefs at the core of your challenging life conditions. This work is unprecedented in its ability to clear more than could ever be done before and quickly taking years and even lifetimes out of the equation.

Sacred Alchemy Distance Healing™ Sessions

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Now you can receive a powerful personal healing from Aurora and Divine Ones from the Realms of Light without needing to be present. Meditate at that time or simply receive wherever you are!!! Distance Healings with Aurora are divinely initiated offerings through our Virtual Healing Temple to help support you in an accelerated Ascension into greater aspects of your Divine Self so you can fulfill a higher Destiny than what your human programs would allow.

Soul Remedy Healings™ Sessions

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Includes a Powerful Divine Healing Transmission, Activation, and Clearing
Many Soul Remedy Sessions also include Destiny Readings from Your Book of Life (Akasha)

Soul Remedy Healings address the challenging configurations that keep you from actualizing your full potential. If you’re seeking direction, ready to go the next level in your Life’s Purpose and/or to bring forth your unique offerings, a Soul Remedy Session can assist you. If you’ve been dealing with a condition, situation or relationship you feel trapped in or held back by and are ready to step free, a Soul Remedy Healing can give you a safe compassionate forum that motivates clarity and change. Insightful and dynamic, these sessions can transform the way you see yourself and your situation, bringing you timely answers, while healing the underlying causes to catalyze fast positive change.

In the tradition of the Oracles of Delphi, Soul Remedies are powerful healing sessions where a shift in perspective is available as Divine Miracles take place. The Temple of Sacred Alchemy is activated and Divine Ones step forth to administer to you that can include your personal angels, Inner Healer, Divine Sponsors, and Higher Self. As in ancient times, when Oracles accessed Divine Realms to bring forth timely Healings, Initiations, Activations, Insights and Knowledge… these timely offerings from Realms on High can include a Soul Destiny Reading from your Book of Life, Soul Advancing Activation, DNA recoding, Brain Chemistry Balancing, Pineal Activation, Third Eye Opening, Chakra Clearing and more. Powerful, landmark healings take place in these sessions. The more open and ready the recipient, the more that can take place, healing family dynamics and patterns and positively affecting everyone in the lineage, while also working at deep levels within the psyche of humanity bringing positive change to Awakening Souls worldwide.

Sacred Alchemy Energy Clearing™ Sessions
with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD & Divine Ones from the Realms of Light

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Each Clearing is Unique and exactly what Your Soul is Ready to Release under the Direction of Your Divine Self

Your Session Can Include: Soul remedies, auric cleansing, healing of past traumas, removal of human programs, negative energies, entities, overlays, matrixes, limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns, and self esteem issues, clearing their cause, core, record, memory and effect. You can also receive Divine Infusions, Healing Elixirs, Soul Empowering downloads, Chakra and Aura Cleansing, Soul and Power Retrievals, Ho’oponopono (forgiveness and release of negative aka cords causing negative dynamics with others), Divine Code and other Activations, DNA restoration, Divine Restorative Matrices anchoring your Divine Self fully in your temple, your Divine Pattern for your life, health, relationships, career and finances restored, Divine Healing Transmissions with personal messages, Soul Destiny Readings, and more.

How it Works: Your Soul and Higher Self determine the degree of healing and divine blessings you can receive and the Soul Advancement you are ready for. The Divine Ones and Aurora then work on all that can be lifted, cleared, healed, activated and transformed. Come prepared!!! Set clear intentions. Light candle. Create altar. Write out all that you would like healing and assistance with as well as your heartfelt dreams and Visions for your life.

Soul Destiny Readings

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Aurora will review your Soul Path and Destiny and address any present dilemmas, blocks, self sabotage or other barriers, bringing a REMEDY with Sacred Alchemy. Reading your Book of Life, Aurora brings clear insights, assisting you to tap into the vast reservoir of your Divine Nature. Now you can step FREE into your Authentic Self on a whole new level. With Aurora’s formulas for SUCCESS, you can WIN in life… you can THRIVE! You can be your Full Potential Self, having more fun, reaping more abundance, and living a happy joyous life with greater self esteem and fulfillment in area, your inner happiness radiating from you and all your relationships flourishing. Avail yourself of this timely offer today!

Claiming Your Abundant Life™ Sessions

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True Wealth is Your Divine Birthright

True Wealth is an Inner State of Being, which allows you enjoy life more fully with its bountiful blessings. Many are surrounded in beauty, have great relationships, wonderful experiences and yet, have been caught under the weight of human programming, feeling like life is hard, or being irritable at every little thing, missing the GREAT WEALTH that could be theirs. Some drive themselves daily to succeed, while life passes them by. Others have wealth and yet never stop to drink in a beautiful sunset, spend time with loved ones, or find meaning and joy in their life experience. You can have it all… and not know True Wealth. Embodying True Wealth as your Divine Birthright and living it fully is an art that can be attained when the human programs are cleared out of the away. This Powerful Inner Clearing allows you to align more fully with your Inner Divine Self and reap the rich rewards that come from that Sacred Union. When you are fully your Authentic Self, Life continually blesses you. When your male and female sides are balanced and in unity, you accomplish great things while living an expansive Abundant Life. When you live in accord with the Divine Plan, Miracles and Magic are continuous and Divine Synchronicities become a Way of Life.

Creating Your Optimum Health & Lifestyle Plan™

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Aurora’s Secrets to Eternal Youth
Simple Steps to Having More Energy, Vitality, Fun and a Passion for Living!

So many people today are burdened with ailments that affect not only the body, but the mind. This makes it extremely hard to actualize a higher potential or live in the Joy that is our True Nature. That is why I give every student and Total Life Transformation client a special formula for living their best life. This includes a personalized Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan so that right away they are living more optimally on every level. What a difference it can make when we take time to give body, mind and soul all that we need each day! Dr. Ariel discovered simple secrets to living a balanced and more fulfilling life, even when there’s so many responsibilities and so much always to get done. Refocusing our attention first on ourselves is an important Alchemical Key!

Creating Your Inner Healing Temple Retreat™

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Have you wanted to connect more deeply to your Divine Sponsors, Inner Divine Self, Spirit Animals and/or Power Allies? Receive Healings Direct from Your Own Inner Experiences? Restore Yourself at your own Sacred Sanctuary that you can Frequent Often as You like? Where you can… Bathe in Healing Pools of LIGHT, Drink Healing Elixirs, Receive Healing from your Inner Healer, Meet with Your Divine Sponsors, Receive Timely Assistance with Life Dilemmas, Project Your Dreams and Ideals on Your Screen of Life, and Receive Divine Support, Insights and Wisdom Daily. With Aurora’s guidance, your Inner Healing Temple is created, where you are introduced to your Divine Sponsors, Inner Healer and Divine Self, and everything is set up for you to receive all the healing and soul advancing blessings that are there for you. Are you ready? Many Magical and Miraculous Experiences Await You at Your Inner Healing Retreat!

Sacred Alchemy Ho’oponopono™ Sessions
The Transfiguring Power of Forgiveness

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This ritual of forgiveness, surrender, letting go and release sets the energies right in your life and relationships, allowing greater unity, harmony and peace, and a higher destiny to be realized. Sessions are normally 1 hour, though can go longer depending on the complexity of the situation. Heal and/or Release Challenging Relationships, Restore Inner Harmony and Peace, Release Yourself from the Painful Past, Step Free Into a Greater Sense of Who You Are, Take Dominion of Your Life and Destiny, Open to the Abundant Life that is your Divine Birthright, and Claim the Joy that is Waiting for You.

The Royal Treatment: A Total Life Clearing: These are a usually 2-5 hours depending on how much needs to be released. This allows all the accumulation of pain, burdens, overlays, and over sense of responsibility you’ve been carrying to be cleared.

TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny

Metamorphosis Was Never So Easy! TheQuest is a deep inner process that allows you to explore your Inner World and get to the heart of your life challenges. As you make sense of your life experiences, you develop a calm, clear Inner Peace, knowing the rightness of everything that is taking place while gaining wisdom and empowerment from each situation. With TheQuest, challenges that once seemed unchangeable, insurmountable, or incurable, are easily transformed. Every issue can be resolved, every pattern healed. You can change the conditions of your life. The pain you are carrying not only burdens the mind and affects your perceptual reality, it etches itself upon your physical body, causing illness and aging. Aging is not natural. It is simply the accumulation of life’s hard hits. To heal the cause of aging, illness, and other dire conditions, you must heal your deep-seated wounds, fears, pain, and trauma. Otherwise, they will adversely affect your life, limit your passion, creativity, and joy, and cause you to feel old before your time. TheQuest provides immediate relief from: Anxiety, Tension, Stress, Heartbreak, Depression, Pain, Sadness, Grief, Trauma, Low Self Esteem, Sabotaging Patterns and Beliefs. It is a fast remedy for: Relationship Challenges, Financial Constraint, Job Stress, Work Related Issues, Healing the Cause of Illnesses, Raising Confidence and Self Esteem. TheQuest sessions are available with…

Sessions with Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD

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Dr. Aurora Ariel developed TheQuest after years of research and work in the psyche to uncover the cause of suffering and its cure. Today, countless individuals across the Earth have been released from what could have been life sentences of suffering from her work. Why live in misery when healing is so easy and freedom is right there within your reach! You were meant to thrive! Now is the time to step free from the past and Actualize your Greater Potential.

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