Diamond Light of Love

diamond_light_33_day_program_header_v1Diamond Light of Love
Self Actualization Program
Use over 33 Days, 12 Weeks or More

Life most blessed wants to realize your greatest potential
and everything you encounter is there to serve you
no matter how challenging or difficult.
Self Loving, Self Nurturing and Self Caring
is an essential Alchemical Key to living in your Authentic Self
and fulfilling your Highest Destiny.


Diamond light of Love packageIncluded in Program

Diamond Light of Love – Earth Star Activation
by Sanat Kumara, Venus, and the Holy Kumaras ($33 value)

Earth 2012-33: The Violet Age (Ebook – $22 value)

Love's Sacred Fire music album ($18 value)

Rose Light of Love: Divine Healing Transmission by Mother Mary (audio album – $25 value)

Bonus Items:

The Indwelling Spirit (Ebook – $22 value)
TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny (ebook – $22 value)
TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing Technique (audio album – $25 value)
Sacred Songs Story (document)

A $167 value for only $88!

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How to Utilize the Self Actualization Program

As usual, tuning into your Inner Divine Self is always the best guide.
However, the suggested program is designed to give you fantastic results.
Modify as you feel inspired.


Listen to the Diamond Light of Love Activation
Read a letter from the Indwelling Spirit book

During the Day, as inspired…

Listen to the Sacred Songs in the Love's Sacred Fire music album
Read TheQuest to understand the psyche, master your psychology, actualize your greatest potential, and live in the Miracle Consciousness of your Authentic Self
Listen to the Journey of the Soul

Evening: Listen to the Rose Light of Love – Divine Healing Transmission

Mastering the Art of Sacred Alchemy via TheQuest:
As Issues Arise, Practice TheQuest 7 Steps (using the steps from the book or audio CD – track 10)
to heal the patterns creating distress in your life…
quickly bringing yourself back to the Peace of your True Nature.

As you clear the way for your Eternal Immortal Self to rise into its fully glory,
you will be living in the Miracle Consciousness
that is birthing Heaven on Earth in your Life Experience.



What you will receive


UnknownDiamond Light of Love Activation by Sanat Kumara, Venus, and the Holy Kumaras. Beloved Ones, please join us as Chalices of Light for a mighty Healing of the Earth… our Sister Star. We, the Kumaras of Venus, have dedicated our lives to the Advancement of Humanity in many time periods. We lend our great expertise to the dilemmas of Earth and help bring about The Change to initiate a Golden Age of Light. Many ancient civilizations were encoded with Venusian Principles and many Activations took place through the priestesses of old for the upliftment of humanity. As more and more souls came together, holding with us as Vessels of Light, we were able to instrument a positive change in the Earth that brought humanity into a New Era. These Golden Ages still echo their resonance in the Earth Plane. They are the templates of the Higher Realms of Light brought into physical reality by souls in embodiment working closely with us.

Today, you can stand for the Earth as never before, joining in these Global Healing Forums each month for each new release of LIGHT to the planet. As humanity is encoded with Divine Matrices, so does a major shift in consciousness occur, transforming the Earth rapidly. This unprecedented change also took place in different time periods. This time, there are millions of you on Earth helping facilitate the Great Change. We, who sit in the 33 seats as Spiritual Board of Directors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, governing this Global Healing Mission, are grateful for your presence with us. Together, we are facilitating the Great Change on Earth that is ending the Reign of Darkness and birthing the New World. It is time, Beloved, for you to take your place in this Great Happening… and make the difference you vowed to come to Earth to initiate. We are here to assist you every step of the way. Know our Love is GREAT and we are always with you!


The Rose Light of Love
by Mother Mary

Divine Healing Action: Enfoldment in the Ray of Love, Bringing Comfort, Quickening Lost Memory of who you truly are, Divine Realm Attunement, Remembrance of Realms You Are From and Your Divine Purpose.

From Mother Mary: In this Sacred Healing Transference, I bring forth a gift of the Rose Light of Love from realms where eternal glories are known. As you listen, rose petals from the Heart of God will enfold you in the Ray of Love. These petals hold a sweet fragrance and essence of the Heaven Realms. They are a gift of love from my heart, bringing you the comfort of the Divine Mother, quickening your memory and attuning you to the Heaven Realms from which you have come, that you may remember your true reality, that you are a soul who has journeyed forth from the Realms of Light into this earthly realm for a Holy Purpose. Each time you listen to my message, you can drink in their fragrance and know the harmony in these blessed realms that know only light, tranquility and peace, and which are yet to be remembered and reclaimed as you walk your earthly path.

Beloved, it is time for your remembrance, time to embrace the truth of who you are, to cast aside the veils of illusion and no longer deceive yourself into thinking and believing you are alone in this world, purposeless, friendless, and that somehow Father Mother God has forgotten and abandoned you upon this lonely and sometimes seemingly Dark Star. For it is not true. You have never been forgotten and ever the Love of God resides with you, though not always a part of your conscious awareness, yet always present, ever ready to bless, uplift and serve you in every way.

The veil of forgetfulness you took on is part of a great Divine Plan that has afforded you the greatest opportunity to go on a Quest For Truth, a quest of self-discovery through a virtual reality experience in this earthly plane. Imagine what a Grand Design this is that would allow your soul to traverse realms and enter a reality where the veil of forgetfulness descends and where you are left all alone to remember, if you can, the truth from whence you have come and who you are.

This is a great adventure, a great opportunity and quest unparalleled amid many quests on this planetary home. Can you imagine how exciting it is to rediscover yourself and to find, after all, you are divine, that you have come from realms fair and illumined, and that you came in with a Holy Vow and Purpose? You must find, by seeking out the truth of who you are, that treasured reality, the Grand Treasure that awaits you in who you are. Each time you listen to my message, I will transfer this remembrance to you through the Rose Light of Love.

EarE.2012.3 cover image.lr.smth 2012-33: The Violet Age
A Return to Eden

The Regenesis that is Birthing a New World

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Aurora Ariel leads us into a glorious future potential that is being initiated by millions of people worldwide. From extraordinary encounters to mystical experiences, a quantum shift is taking place in the psyche of humanity. This book takes us further into the mystical side of our present planetary equation and unveils the mystery behind the Violet People and their unique destiny that could turn the tide at the 11th hour. Awakening to their Authentic Selves, the Earth is being teraformed with the Light Consciousness, a Regenesis that is birthing a New World. A Dynamic Treatise on the portents of the Violet Age, an epic revelation of the Inner Code of Divinity being activated in Violet People through a host of extraordinary phenomena facilitating the Great Awakening.


Love's Sacred Fire
Healing Music by Aurora Juliana Ariel, Krystofer Gabriel and Bruce BecVar

Profound healing can take place as you experience this Sacred Healing Journey. Sequenced to perfection, the masterful weave of exquisite melodies with exotic vocals bring Peace to the mind, Rejuvenation to the body and Inspiration to the soul,
the optimum experience in Regeneration



TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny
A Revolutionary Breakthrough Self Healing System

by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

"People would not choose to suffer if they knew this was available."

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ariel unveils her breakthrough Healing System, the 7 Master Keys to Inner Peace, and a powerful Life Mastery Path. She demystifies the psyche like no other work has done and provides tools to quickly resolve issues, restore harmony in relationships, master your psychology, and heal the scars from your painful past. Through years of pioneering work in the ‘uncharted realms’ of the psyche, she made many landmark discoveries, uncovered the cause of suffering, and developed a cure that could change the destiny of the planet. Distilled into seven powerful steps, TheQuest is designed to accelerate a personal and planetary transformation that could help end suffering on Earth. Inspiring a Journey of Self Discovery that is empowering and life changing, TheQuest unlocks the Secret Code to your True Identity and provides a Key to Actualizing your Full Potential.


TheQuest is a rarified healing system that works at such a core level, subconscious patterns clear at lightning speed. –Jared Rosen, Co-Author of The Flip and Inner Security And Infinite Wealth

TheQuest unblocked a subtle but powerful limitation in my life. -Jack Canfield, author of Success Principles and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

TheQuest tools are like laser surgery for the soul. The operation is fast, relatively painless and totally effective. People would not choose to live with pain if they knew this was available. -Julie Mara, Business Consultant, Boca Raton, Florida

TheQuest is like a soul clean up, or 50,000 mile check up for the inner being and the changes are permanent. -D.J. Martinovich, Physical Therapist, Palm Springs, California

The space Aurora holds for healing is so powerful that one has no choice but to move forward in her Presence. -Randolph Craft, founder, Pacific Planning Institute, Kona, Hawaii

I felt as if I had been bathed in the serene waters of the Holy Spirit! -Krystofer, Recording Artist, Ventura, California

TheQuest allows me to address issues as they come up and transform it at its core in one session! -Colleen Lisowski, Business Owner, Maui, Hawaii


TheQuest 7 Step Self Healing Technique

By Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

In this CD, Dr. Ariel unveils the 7 Step Self Healing process she developed that can help you quickly resolve every issue, heal every pattern, change every challenge and emerge from every situation victorious. Gently, she guides you through the 7 steps in a healing journey of self discovery, self empowerment and self actualization. As you journal your inner process, you gain greater insights, revelations, understanding and compassion for yourself and others. Self judgments fall away as well as misconceptions and misunderstandings. You emerge feeling empowered, clear and directed, a whole piece to your inner patterning resolved.

"This CD  is the breakthrough many have been waiting for,
giving people a way to heal their lives in the privacy of their homes
with tools they can use for life.”


The Indwelling Spirit
Timely Messages for the Souls of Earth
An Illumined Pathway to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace
by Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

The resounding echo through this book is that we are loved. Through this LOVE of the Indwelling Spirit we are inspired to see, know, and love ourselves in the way that God loves us. When we love ourselves absolutely, we give ourselves our best life. Embracing ourselves from this Divine Perspective, we live Sacred and Abundant Lives accessing the Great Power Within. As we consecrate the moments of our existence to a Higher Purpose, we allow the Divine Plan for our life to fulfill itself in and through us. Living in the Miracle Consciousness, we enter the Miraculous Life, a sacred and richly fulfilling existence where we uncover Life's Sacred Mysteries, witnessing to the majesty and glory of our Authentic Self as we walk our Highest Destiny Path. A Guide to Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace, the writings in this book inspire us upon an Illumined Pathway to realize our full potential. They unveil the Secret Code to our True Destiny. These Sacred Writings reveal the Majesty and Power of our Innate Divinity and speak to the extraordinary mission we have come to Earth to fulfill at this significant time. Eloquently written through letters from the Inner Self, this book is destined to help awaken and inspire humanity in its next evolutionary leap in consciousness, igniting positive world change and a planetary transformation unparalleled in Earth history swiftly restoring Eden on Earth.

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