Aurora Product BannerAppreciation for Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
and her Landmark Gifts to Humanity

It was GREAT SEEING YOU! I appreciate your beautiful healing you shared with us. Not sure how you stay so beautiful, but you certainly look great. – Kaitlyn Keyt, Owner, Vibes Up

Hi Aurora, Wonderful, passionate poem. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it… you are awesome! – Chris Spheeris

Aurora, you are a Dynamite, Renaissance, Dynamic Goddess. -Willem Guilherme, Germany

Aurora, I think that you are not content to be satisfied with the “status quo” of womanhood, but are able to reach out and pursue what you believe. There are but a few who have the intellect, the intelligence, or the wisdom, to go at life and leave a mark. You are, I believe, one of those people. I don’t think that you are afraid to be challenged, or more importantly afraid to think. To do what YOU want to do, and being wrapped in your beauty as a woman, why would I not be be amazed…do I make sense? Thanks for The Winds. –Peter Bradford, NewFoundland

Aurora, I looked at your “story” on the internet and it is indeed compelling and inspirational. You appear to be the proverbial feline with nine lives. I’d like to show an interview of your life and work to my students. –Dr. Rafael Boritzer, Chairman of Infomedical, LLC, Professor

I am sending blessings to you with this wonderful work that you are doing. Mahalo Nui Loa for BEING such a LIGHT. – Kay Snow-Davis, President, Global Family Education Center, Inc.

I am so honored and impressed by your new foundation in your work to THE WORLD!!! -Karina Shelde, Author of Soul Voice

Wow! Congratulations! I’m very happy for you. You deserve all of these great things that are happening for you. As I said when I met you, I couldn’t explain in words what I saw in you (and around you). I just felt and saw that there was some type of powerful positive energy all around you. I have never experienced feeling or seeing that type of energy in anyone that I’ve ever met before. –Nick Haney, I.C.E., Honolulu, Hi

Congratulations on seeing the physical result of your hard work. – Virendra Nath, Board of Director, UH Angel Investors

Congratulations on your new book. The cover is excellent, the colors signify a new subject matter, while maintaining the brand archetype. WOW!  it is perfect! You’re doing so great. I am very proud of you! – Aradeus Zachariah Daffin, (Aurora’s youngest son)

I noticed you, Aurora, on MY SPACE and noticed a very angelic, pure energy that surrounds you. I am very interested in the music which is beautiful, the book and TheQuest™ counseling, learning to do and at the least getting it done, to perhaps heal my health. After I noticed your angelic energy I went to your website and understood why. Thank you for coming here to help humanity with your pure love. I recognize your compassion and extend my gratitude for your heart and work. You are a blessing. –Patricia Sanders

I am staggered, again, at the synchronicity that works so powerfully through the loving beings on Yesterday I began writing something I’ve long been working towards writing. This morning I wake up and find you’ve already written it, and also devised training programs and workshops too. Thank you for the inspiration and for all the work you do. For giving me so much hope and support as I read your words this morning. May we all find our unique worth and not be daunted but inspired by those who shine so brightly as lights to guide us on our way. – Louise

Congratulations! You have a achieved so much since I met you 15 years ago. No matter what,you have continued to follow your dreams. I appreciate so much getting your emails and sharing in your evolving dreams come true.Though our paths don’t cross much, to think of you warms my heart and brings me great joy! There is great love here for you. Take care and take my love with you. Yours in LOVE and LIGHT, Teri Mister, Maui Center for the Teachings of Abraham

A day hasn’t passed since your return here three months ago, when I haven’t thanked God for you coming into my life, and how amazed and proud I have been of your passion, your self assurance, your perpetual love, and drive that keeps you going. You are one of the brightest, most beautiful, most inspiring people I have ever come across. –Jody Mack, Real Estate Broker, Aspen, Colorado

Congratulations Aurora. I’m very proud of you. – Joe Sugarman, Author, CEO, Blueblocker Sunglasses


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