Optimum Health & Lifestyle Program

Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan

Aurora’s Secrets to Eternal Youth
Simple Steps to Having More Energy, Vitality, Fun and a Passion for Living!

So many people today are burdened with ailments that affect not only the body, but the mind. This makes it extremely hard to actualize a higher potential or live in the Joy that is our True Nature. That is why I give every student and Total Life Transformation client a special formula for living their best life. This includes a personalized Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan so that right away they are living more optimally on every level.

I’ve had myself on a similar plan year after year, and so I know what a difference it can make when we take time to give body, mind and soul all that we need each day. I found simple secrets to living a balanced and more fulfilling life, even when there’s so many responsibilities and so much always to get done. Refocusing our attention first on ourselves is an important Alchemical Key!

If you’d like me to help you create the most Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plan for 2016, I have a New Year’s Special at only $333 for a 2 hour Consultation plus Assessment and your Lifestyle Plan.

Optimum Health & Lifestyle Program – $333 an hour
Includes Full Assessment & Personally Tailored Program Option
with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions

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