Virtual Healing Center


The Center for Advanced Healing
A Division of the Institute of Advanced Healing

The Institute of Advanced Healing was founded in 2003
to bring out the principles and practice of Sacred Alchemy and its 7 step Counseling and Self Healing Process,

TheQuest worldwide, as well as sessions, advanced healing protocols, training courses and programs
developed by Aurora Juliana Ariel PhD and other advanced healers including Bernadette Jean Marie CHT

Our Virtual Healing Temple provides a vast array of Advanced and Ancient Healing Arts for the Global Community
with Sessions, Trainings and Programs by Phone or Skype from anywhere in the World!

Today, a full Healing Menu is available providing exceptional sessions by our Advanced Healers that include TheQuest, Sacred Alchemy, Soul Remedy, Transformational Hypnotherapy, Sacred Alchemy Energy Healings, Distance Healings, Sacred Alchemy Ho'oponopono, and Designing Your Inner Healing Retreat along with Soul Destiny Readings and Personalized Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plans, Total Life Transformation, Miracle Weight Loss, Brain Balancing/Restoring, Relationship Healing, Addiction Release and other Life Transforming Programs

We also offer Sacred Destiny Sedona Retreats, Private Healing Retreats, a Healing B&B and
Sacred Alchemy Weddings in Sedona, as well as Sacred Alchemist Mastery Tours at Sacred Sites around the world


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