Sedona Private Healing Retreats/B&B


Private Personalized Sacred Healing Retreats
with Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD
at the Temple of Sacred Alchemy in Naples, Florida or a Location of your Choice

Are you seeking the perfect place to renew, restore, rejuvenate and revitalize?
To find yourself again and reclaim a renewed purpose for life?
To access inner guidance on an important life decision or

celebrate a significant life passage?
Couples, are you wanting to reboot your passion and restore the LOVE?
To work through the barriers to a place of true caring and connectedness again?
Sedona has an amazing uplifting energy that with its spectacular beauty
lends its magic to your transformation

glorious-sedona-768x508Sacred Alchemy Retreats
in the Red Rock Vortexes of the Mystical Land of Enchantment
can provide you with the perfect formula to reclaim your JOY and restore your Radiant Health!

Life is meant to be a fulfilling experience! Are you living it to the fullest?

Awaken to who you truly are. Release all that you are not. Actualize your greater potential. Restore and replenish your Life Force. Renew your passion for life. Find deep fulfillment in the precious moments of life. Anchor Heaven on Earth in your own life experience.

When you Heal Your Life, you Change Your Destiny and are more able to fulfill a Higher Purpose than what your human programs would dictate. That is when life becomes a Grand Adventure in time and space… as you ascend into ever greater aspects of your True Self.

622801_519816768031404_1700856887_oIs this Sacred Healing experience calling to you?
If interested, contact us right away so we can begin designing your perfect Healing Retreat!

Include any of the following:
Sacred Alchemy Wedding
Renew your Vows
Celebration of a Significant Life Passage
Entrance to a New Birthday Year or New Life Cycle

Transform your life with illuminating sessions that awaken and aliven, activating the Inner Self to blossom in majesty and grace. Sessions can include DNA activations, Divine recoding, pineal and chakra purification and activation, brain chemistry and hormonal balancing, cells, atoms and electrons charged with Divine Light, Divine Healing Transmissions, Messages, Readings from your Book of Life (Akasha), Soul Destiny Readings, healings and transformations.

"Aurora is a Universal Presence of great good will, catalyzing those who come into contact with her into their Authentic Selves. Her insights and healing abilities are remarkable as is her uncanny ability to draw information from the records of the soul as she skillfully clears the past, freeing you to live more fully in your Divine Nature!”

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