2018 Sacred Alchemist Sedona

35The Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium

Sacred Time in Sedona with Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

A Sacred Alchemy Healing Adventure in One of the
Most Spectacular Sites on the Planet
May 3-7th 2018 and October 10-14th 2018

Enjoy 5 full days in Sacred Time with Aurora at the Temple of Sacred Alchemy and Sedona’s Most Powerful and Spectacular Red Rock Vortexes

This Sacred Adventure with Aurora includes personal healing and support in advancing your life forward, with timely Divine Healing Transmissions, Activations, group healings and planetary transformation the group participates in, helping you actualize your greatest potential and fulfill your Highest Destiny. Experience the Magic of Self Actualization more fully where you live in the Miracle Consciousness that is your True Authentic Self with the tools to clear everything that would ever impede you from within or without.

If you are ready to live the life that is meant for you, courageously dissolving every last program that has held you back from achieving your heartfelt desires and dreams, and letting go of that need to settle and accept so much less in your life, this Sacred Alchemist Mastery Intensive is for you! It is through this accelerated Soul Advancement you can achieve all that you have desired and more! A wonderful Gift to give yourself and the planet!

10514622_10152474354163820_6354400763178541879_nExperience the wonders of Divine Healing Transmissions, Activations, Releases,
Clearings, Powerful Transformations, Soul Acceleration and Advancement
Divinely Guided from Master Teachers in the Realms of Light

Destined to be one of the most treasured and landmark experiences of your life!

$1200 – Sign Up Now!

$1100 for Community of Light Members

See Info on Community of Light Membership Now

100% goes to the Earth Vision Foundation – 501c3 Division of Global Healing Mission

Small Group Experience – So Sign up Soon!

Other Payment Instructions to Reserve Your Space:

Free Transfer From Your Paypal Account
Send to: EVF@LemuriaRising.com

By Mail: Send Check to:
Earth Vision Foundation, PO Box 3341, Sedona, Az 86340

Click Here to Enjoy the MAGIC of this Sedona Visual Serenade

Beautiful Sedona

As we draw closer to the dawning Golden Age in 2023 – 2033, the glorious potential of which has been revealed in my future journeys and communing with my future self, we must accelerate our Soul Advancement and the Ascension process. It is absolutely essential that we sustain a high conscious state as we traverse the challenging waters of the human Earth experience. This high level of Self Mastery is now attainable through the Principles and Practice of Sacred Alchemy and is something I love to train my students in. When we get together for the Sacred Alchemist Mastery Intensives and Sacred Site Tours, we find ourselves in that rarefied field of our True Natures and everything that comes up, clears at lightening speed. Time is warped during these events so that we get a full experience of living long years in this high conscious reality. Then as we return to our daily lives, living in this high state is so easy, because this experience was anchored within us.

The glory of our Indwelling Spirit is leading us to ever new wondrous experiences... its bountiful gifts pouring upon us daily. To live in the Loving Presence of our Divine Self while being adepts at working with our psychology, allows us to fully partake of the beauty and preciousness of life that is all around us. When we are in our Higher Nature, we more easily perceive life from a higher vantage point, which is always loving and clear. Taking action steps from that place is a powerful and masterful way to live life. Humanity forever has missed Eden, always longing for its return, when its been right here with us… waiting for our human programs to stop running, so the veil can clear and we can fully receive the blessings of living an Edenic Life.



You will be responsible for your food, travel and Lodging

2 Rooms Available at the Temple

Couples $138 a night, Singles $108 a night

There may also be rooms available at another beautiful Sanctuary of Light

If you fly in, there are car rentals at airport (highly recommended)
or Phoenix or Flagstaff Airport – Sedona RT Shuttles

Sedona 3Private Sessions Available
Before or After the Event,
Aurora will be available for private sessions and
private family, couple or group Red Rock Soul Healing Adventures

$250 an hour Sacred Healing Session (normally $333 hr) of your choice 1-3 hours suggested
$300 an hour at Sacred Site (1-2+ hours suggested – normally $500 hr)

$777 5 Hour Private Sacred Adventure Day with Personal Healing, Divine Transmission & Activations within a glorious Sacred Site Adventure
Book with Healing in Sedona Adventure to reserve your space

11412291_10153013302034141_1202647870841756108_nI am excited for you to join me on this Divinely Guided Adventure!!!

The Divine Ones have everything prepared for the most glorious advancement

And Divine Destiny Alignment your soul may ever experience.

I’ll be waiting to greet you in glorious Sedona,

the Land of Great Beauty and Enchantment.

Love and Blessings, Aurora

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