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imageAmazing Anti Aging Products

I have found many Secrets to Eternal Youth over the years and developed some powerful remedies that have made a huge difference to my life and countless others. I'm excited to announce a company that is unparalleled in their 30 years of development of the most dynamic anti aging, rejuvenating products that can quickly restore health and turn back the clock to where you can feel 10 years younger in the first months. Exploring the cutting edge products and advanced technology that has gone into this, my Skeptic's Mindset, "I've heard and seen it all" changed to, "This is GREAT! I'm in!"

As soon as I was on the products, I began to feel a remarkable difference. Increased energy, vitality and JOY!!! One of my main services to my students is helping them live in their Authentic Self most of the time, positive, proactive and fulfilling a Higher Destiny than what their human programs would have allowed. Putting them on Optimum Health and Lifestyle Plans has been important. Now I am inspiring everyone to try the Univera Products, because of the great P8250144difference they have made to my life.

Everyone I've talked to has had miraculous results. Krystofer's severe arthritis stopped him from his passion in life, composing beautiful transcendent music. It literally cleared up in minutes with Regenacare and was completely gone with his fingers going back to normal in days. He also lost 17 pounds on the Extra product without trying in the first month and soon after was looking 10 years younger in months. Other people I've spoken to have had equally exciting results. The level of energy, vitality, mental clarity, and health is unparalleled. Side note: I had the great honor of producing Krystofer's healing music: Rivers of Life, Music of the Angels, so I know what this healing has meant to his life. Year's later, I was divinely inspired to weave his beautiful compositions with Bruce BecVar's and mine in the Healing Music For An Awakening World albums.

Patti's Experience: 7 years ago before taking Univera products, my body was experiencing extreme discomfort, with full symptoms of severe joint issues throughout my fingers, wrists, knees and back, and my fingers were deformed. This affected my mobility, abilities, as well as my handling of a full time, busy job running a Foundation. Within 3 weeks after I started taking Univera's product called Xtra, every symptom and bit of discomfort disappeared — my fingers straightened out and none of the other conditions returned to this day 6 years later! When this miracle happened to me, my planetary mission extended to bringing Univera to all those suffering and without hope. I got my life given back in every possible way and am grateful beyond words.

Lynn's Experience: "I discovered Univera when searching for products to help my son, who was always tired and suffered constant respiratory issues. After taking XTRA and ALOE SELECT, he now has all the energy he needs to play sports and rarely has even a cold. Eli has Down Syndrome and is now vibrantly healthy. But little did I know that my foggy thinking, memory issues, numbness in my limbs would clear up as well after taking the products. Truth is, the body is a miracle and will heal itself if given the right repair ingredients. I feel better today than I did thirty years ago. I am truly grateful for the gift of amazing health for my entire family!


Review the short videos and if you're excited about these products like I am, then please call my biz partner, Christopher for more details at 530-523-3277. Make sure he knows I sent you. He can help you with everything and as you restore, enhance and revitalize your heath, it will also support our Global Healing Ministry.

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