Luke Garvey is a provocative and insightful transformational healer. He assisted me in bringing to my awareness the source of my frustration in finding a new purpose for being ( after 30 years of spiritual/ vibrational healing) and searching for my next line of work. I truly didn’t think that it would happen so easily and quickly…and yet it did. I am blessed through working with you. Many blessings in your work. – Brenda Teagarden

Luke has a very gentle voice and adds great depth to the counseling session. I was in a mess and not in a good place before the session. Once going through TheQuest with Luke, delving deep into the  physic of my troubles, I came out the other side a shining new me. I was able to unravel the issues at a deep level and to come to a place of peace and love for myself. Doing TheQuest gave me a whole new perspective on the issues and a clearer understanding of myself and how my life has played out so far. Thank you Luke for being my saving grace for today. You held a beautiful space for me to feel safe to do the self work. I am in awe every time I do a session using TheQuest which brings clarity and love to my life. Thank you! – Susan Mclaughlin, Australia

Luke made me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole session. He was supportive, gentle and compassionate which helped me open up and feel comfortable talking with him about certain aspects of my life I struggle with. His technique was refreshing and I left feeling stronger and more confident in my ability to challenge negative viewpoints of myself and move forward in my life. – Brianna Garretson MSW

I found that the process was beneficial and fit in well with my normal “spiritual practice.” Luke’s love, patience, acceptance and humility shines through the process. He brings ease and a wonderful level of trust to the process. I find that this process would integrate very well with other paths of spiritual awakening. It is my opinion that this path would lead to the most top down recognition of the Authentic Self which I call The Child (Soul/Heart). – Bruce Dubin

At the time of my father’s death, I accepted a victim's role and took responsibility for all the unresolved family issues. The session addressed that. I have paid a heavy price in that sub conscious decision. Luke guided me through all of this. He is gentle and loving in his approach. I grieved through this experience and was able to heal the wound. I could feel the burden being lifted. It was great! I don’t know where all of this will lead , but I do know I feel better than before the session. What ever has occurred, it’s been All GOOD! I feel a renewed sense of living. Thanks Luke. – David Lipps

I have had a troubled relationship with food for many years, swinging between unhealthy eating and obsessive healthy eating. I have tried many times to put this issue to bed but have never managed it. As a result my confidence in my ability to heal this area of my life was low. After one session with Luke I felt a renewed sense of faith in myself, and in life, and I now believe that it is possible to heal this once and for all. Luke expertly guided the session, his comments throughout were intelligent, observant and perfectly timed. His presence allowed me to explore the issue deeply and by the end of the session I was feeling a greater sense of peace. I am already seeing a profound difference in my eating habits. Thank you Luke. – Tarah Reed, London

Working with Luke is a blessing as he is so knowledgeable about TheQuest process. His passion for the process shines through. I appreciate Luke’s presence and patience and his help in releasing blocks, upsets, stressors and patterns, transforming them into peace, freedom and spaciousness. He shows up with enthusiasm and passion for TheQuest work, present, patient and skillful during sessions. I am grateful for my sessions with Luke as he is wonderful at providing guidance during a session. He is always willing to ask how the session was and to receive feedback. He is a great coach and has such a passion for TheQuest work. He is kind hearted and provides a wonderful comforting space for healing to take place. I am very appreciative of Luke. – Leah Carelli

Wow! What an amazing TheQuest session with Luke! Attentive, focused, intuitive and supportive are a few of his qualities. So prepare to peel off another layer. Thanks so much Luke for your insight and for holding that healing space. – Nyzovie

Our session made a powerful shift within me. It was deep, powerful and transformative. You are a strong sensitive, wise practitioner. I felt safe and comfortable in your care. You are very caring and present. The cadence and time that you have as you guide me from step to step felt good and in sync with me. It wasn’t too fast where I might have felt you were rushing me or not thoroughly exploring what was presenting. Visions and insights were coming to of which I had a few very enlightening ones! Your careful and sensitive presence with timing felt very in sync with me. – Yana Marie Di'angelis

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