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Luke Garvey – Biography

Luke Garvey is a skilled Life Coach and Counselor with TheQuest™ and valued healer in our Virtual Healing Temple. He is a licensed clinical psychiatric social worker who has worked in the field for 20 years in a hospital setting with chronically mentally ill and depressed adolescents and their families. Having found TheQuest and its ability to quickly transform lives, he is now committing his future to serving individuals worldwide through our Global Healing Mission.

In his words, "The benefits of TheQuest in my life have been immeasurable, opening me to the recognition of who I am and an understanding of why I am here. It has given me the tools I need to address anything that comes up on a daily basis that does not serve me. To have found a healing method this mind-blowingly life changing is truly exciting. I've stepped into a future where I know I can finally render a service to others that will make a huge difference and give my clients lasting results."

"Luke Garvey is a provocative and insightful transformational healer. He assisted me in bringing to my awareness the source of my frustration in finding a new purpose for being (after 30 years of spiritual/vibrational healing) and searching for my next line of work. I truly didn’t think that it would happen so easily and quickly…and yet it did. I am blessed through working with him." -Brenda Teagarden

"Luke is knowledgeable about TheQuest process. His passion for the process shines through. I appreciate Luke’s presence and patience and his help in releasing blocks, upsets, stressors and patterns and then transforming into peace, freedom and spaciousness." – Leah

"I found TheQuest process was beneficial, fitting in well with my normal “spiritual practice.” Luke’s love, patience, acceptance and humility shines through the process. He brings ease and a wonderful level of trust to the process. I find that this process would integrate very well with other paths of spiritual awakening. It is my opinion that this path would lead to the most top down recognition of the Authentic Self which I call The Child (Soul/Heart). – David Lipps

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