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Leah is on a mission to connect people with their own nature. She coaches and counsels clients through an inner Quest. With TheQuest method, Leah helps clients observe roadblocks, discover deep rooted beliefs, and move through healing to reach a destination of true potential. Leah is an educator by nature, an outdoor lover, and holistic living enthusiast. She taught formal education for 8 years, completed a graduate degree in biological science, and has studied numerous holistic health modalities. Leah has a B.A. in Middle Childhood Education, M.A. in Teaching (MAT) in the Biological Sciences and is Certified in TheQuest Life Coach and Counseling.

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Consultation, 15-30 mins, $75. Imagine sitting down and being guided with a meditation to bring you into a relaxed and centered state. From this space, you can choose to release a block or gain deeper wisdom. You release a block and open a new door of opportunity. You connect with wisdom and feel inspired to take action.

TheQuest coaching/counseling single session, 1 hour, $125. Imagine showing up for yourself to gain deeper inner awareness. You are guided every step of the way as you travel into your imagination and discover an inner part that plagues your life. You give that part of you a voice. You allow yourself to feel and release, which results in a magical transformation. You emerge crystal clear in your Authentic Power.

TheQuest package deal, 5 sessions, 1 hour each, $900. Imagine a stressor in your life. What is it? How does it make you feel? You choose to embark on an inner Quest. You choose to heal your wounds. You emerged completely transformed!

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