Theta Healing

The ThetaHealing® Technique

Benefits Include Physical and Emotional Healing, Greater Freedom, Well Being, Harmony and Ease,
Awakening DNA to Highest Potential, Blocks and Barriers Removed, Inner Peace

* Removal of old, stuck limiting beliefs

* Creates feelings beyond what you've experienced before (joy, love, safety, peace)

* Balanced energy centers (chakras)

* Releases radiation you've picked up from cell phones, computers and other electrical equipment

* Healing for yourself, your children, animals, Mother Earth and others

* Assists in connecting with with your Higher Self and Guardian Angel

* Removes wayward entities, curses, psychic attacks from others as well as psychic hooks and attachments

* Call in your most compatible soul mate

* Removes you energetically from a past divorce or relationship

* Assists you in manifesting your dreams

* Love can be sent to the baby in the womb, which can help eliminate with challenges or diseases

* Retrieving soul fragments, lost or disassociated soul parts

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Bernadette Jean Marie, CHTBernadette-Sacred-Priestess-2

A dedicated researcher and healer, Bernadette has been trained in both cutting edge and ancient healing arts and has over 25 years in private practice. A clinical hypnotherapist highly trained in a vast array of advanced healing modalities, she utilizes hypnotherapy with NLP, Sacred Alchemy, and other revolutionary modalities to tap into the power of the inner world. Her Transformational Hypnosis™ Journeys are deep, powerful, and life transforming. Read More Now

Bernadette is certified in the ThetaHealing® technique as a Basic and Advanced Practitioner, skilled in helping you break free of the bondage of belief structures, programs and adverse conditions. The  ThetaHealing meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.  Her original book details her personal healing journey and her connection to the Creator utilizing this meditation technique. ThetaHealing utilizes focused prayer via a “Theta” and "delta" brainwave (incorporating physics and quantum physics), that invokes Creator Of All That Is for instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing bringing about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional wellbeing. 


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