Bernadette Jean Marie CHT

Endorsements and Testimonials

"Bernadette's Hypnotherapy sessions are magical adventures. They are fun, exciting, mystical, deep and profound. I've availed myself of all her different offerings over many years and have had tremendous results. I have especially loved my journeys into the future. Ever transforming from all the inner work I do, they are a testimony that our fate is not set in stone. We can change our future for the better. I highly recommend Bernadette's healing journeys. They are quite extraordinary and amazing." -Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, Founder of a 7 Star Global Healing Mission including the Temple of Sacred Alchemy


I cannot say enough wonderful words for Bernadette and her work. My hypnotherapy session was a first for me. My anxiety quickly subsided and I was able to relax and do a deep dive guided by her relaxing and soothing voice. Bernadette is a Master who can hold the space so exquisitely no matter what may arise. The depth of the healing was more than I expected guided by my souls desire and Bernadette’s ability to listen and guide the way. Painfully repressed memories were given space to emerge and aspects transformed through her skill and confidence. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Bernadette.Luke G. LCSW, Atlanta, Georgia


I was introduced many years ago to Bernadette's healing services. My divorce was very difficult. I was having a nervous break down and Bernadette immediately did EFT with me and brought me back to reality and brought balance to my emotional body. I've continued to do EFT with her when I wasn't feeling good about myself. I also experienced Hypnosis sessions with her to help me answer all those questions I believe most of us  have. I never had to take any Anti-depressants because of EFT and doing Hypnosis helped give me the answers I needed. Bernadette is a Gift of many Wonders . Thank you for saving me 🙂 – Renee, Boise, Idaho


Bernadette has a peaceful, relaxing presence that makes you feel like everything is going to be okay. For someone who often suffers from anxiety that in itself has been a huge relief! Not only does she have a calming presence, but she has the tools to help you get there when you leave her office. She alone is evidence of her own healing practice. For a period in my life I had severe claustrophobia. At the time it occurred I was attending college, and I was having difficulty being able to listen to the lectures in the classroom, all I could think about was how to escape the enclosed walls I was in. This extended over into grocery stores, malls, even my car! Feeling defeated I went to Bernadette to help heal me of this mysterious claustrophobia. She took me into hypnosis to the root cause, and gave me tools to use in my daily practice. Quickly over the next 2 months my claustrophobia dissipated and became nothing but a distant memory. My grades went up, my relationships enhanced, I was able to go back to working and have the ability to sit in an office without panic. It was an incredible transformation. This is just one experience of many healing sessions I’ve had with her. She has also assisted me in career guidance, tapping into my inner “money diva”, connecting with my higher self, enhancing my personal relationship and clearing me of social anxieties. – Guin, Tucson, AZ


Bernadette is very skilled at what she does. She has helped me uncover deep emotional triggers that I didn't know I had. Once they were uncovered I was able to work through them and overcome them. I'm so grateful for the work Bernadette does and for her undying dedication to her craft. – Danette, Ojai,  CA


I wanted to say that of all my years of going to people for healing work e.g. for emotional or psychological stuff, nothing has been more beneficial than when I did that hypnosis session with Bernadette. I also got to see what my healing chamber looks like and what personal guides would help me with my healing session. I have grown so much by what I learned and everyday I go into my healing chamber and work with my spirit guides and do my own healing on myself. This one hypnosis session has been an immense help. I am so grateful and also my spirit helpers have also multiplied. I had an inkling about my relationship with certain people. Through hypnosis I was able to see with clarity what my relationship was with them. It helped me to be more compassionate and forgiving with the traumas I had experienced with these 2 people. Because it gave me the bigger picture of realizing life always comes back in a full circle. I got to see what I had done to these two individuals and I chose to experience the same situation, one being the victim and than being the one that was applying the hurt. So this helped me to become more compassionate and forgiving by seeing exactly the details of what was really going on in my relationship with them. I am so grateful for this hypnosis session. – Therese, Hawaii


In reality I could write a book about my spiritual experiences. I am a spiritually sensitive person and can remember being affected by age 12. I honestly believe that without her help as well as my grandmother I would be either dead or committed to a Mental Health institution, only due to the negative things that have happened to me in my life that can't be explained from a physical point of view, and couldn't be cured or helped with modern medicine.  – Damian, New Mexico


Bernadette is gifted with the talent of healing. I went to her for a past life regression during a time in my life where I needed emotional healing. During my session with her, I came upon a revelation that helped me heal a deep seated wound. Never again did I have that emotional wound come up in any part of my life. It was done and complete! I cannot recommend Bernadette enough and I guarantee she will bring light to those places that need healing the most!  – Cathy, California


Bernadette is a wonderfully talented hypnotherapist. Her voice is soothing as she takes you deep into your regression. Traveling back in time clarified present relationships that are troublesome and I now have a better understanding of these relationships. The insights and awareness has helped me to grow emotionally and spiritually. What I perceived as obstacles and frustrations I now see as blessings! Thank you so much Bernadette.  – Michelle, Texas


After processing past trauma with deep feeling therapy, I felt like I was left with a clean slate. The only problem was that I didn’t have any tools to assist in creating positive pathways so that I wouldn’t recreate negative experiences from the past. Bernadette showed me how to use ESR and EFT and it has helped me in keeping things clear as well as creating positive pathways for a healthy future. Bernadette’s techniques are simple, easy to learn and use, and powerful too. – Clara, Lake Tahoe


I had a hypnosis session with Bernadette and came to an understanding about my family dynamics. I got immediate clarity of my interactions with certain family members. I had an absolute Aha moment!! – Lee, California


Bernadette is an amazing healer, practitioner and an incredible mentor! Her compassion and insight has helped bring peace and wisdom to my life. Not only does she guide you to find your true higher-self but she empowers you to help your self — that is a sign of a true teacher! I would highly recommend anybody and everyone to experience her love, wisdom and light! – M Louise, Colorado

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