How the Elementals Can Bless Your Life


About Elementals and How They Bless Your Life

Bernadette's family has been working with and have been assisted by the elementals for over 40 years. Her own personal experience began when she was a young girl living in Latigo Canyon in Malibu. She tended the gardens of Mr. McCoy and had the honor of working under one of his horticulturists, an elderly British woman from Africa who taught her about the Nature Spirits in the area.

Elementals are everywhere and there are many benefits of having them as your friends. Here is a list from Bernadette's personal and family experiences as well as Doreen Virtue's book, "Fairies 101."

Benefits of Having Elemental Friends. They can…

*Teach you how to heal and help you with concerns or problems. Just ask for assistance and the Nature Spirits will intercede and bring about a solution for you

*Teach you how to manifest things quickly and help you with any future goals. They will guide, direct, bless whatever is needed to further your advancement

*Protect and can heal animals, plants and humans

*Locate a lost pet or help you find a new one.

*Change weather conditions. If you're ever in nasty weather ask the elemental for help

*Help find things, or assist you in getting a job, new home

*Help with your education or your relationships

*Assist you in attracting and creating your desires

*Help you with your health or increasing your income

*Help you with your garden and house plants

Elementals enjoy being around those who help the environment or care about the animals. They are playful, fun loving and lighthearted, and you can invite them wherever you go. People will enjoy being around you as they can feel the joyous nature of the elementals that are in your presence.

Elementals bring you good luck and blessings. They're very loving and always want to help you to live a joyful, healthy and prosperous life.

Over many years, Bernadette's mother would make elemental dolls. Elementals would  to her and tell her how they wanted to look and what types of clothing they wanted to wear and who they were meant for, so they could assist them.

Many of Bernadette's family members had the honor of receiving one of these dolls that had the essence of the Nature Spirits imbued in them. Bernadette five of my own but also have other elementals. It was also not unusual for us to lend out our elementals to others that needed help in certain areas until they were able to get their own.    

If you would like to connect with them, it's best if you're around nature. If you live in a city, have house plants or flowers in your home or go somewhere to a natural setting. If they see that you respect the environment and care about animals, than your chances of seeing and connecting to them are probable. You can ask to see them out loud, or you can write to them or sing to them. Leave them gifts such as shiny objects, crystals, unwrapped candy or chocolate placed in a plant or outside in your yard. You can make them a special place in your garden, a little hang out just for them.

Most people see them in their mind's eye, like little flickering lights or sense their presence, and some have been able to see them physically. Bernadette has family members that have been able to do that. She can see them in her mind's eye as well as sense them. Once this connection has been made, either consciously or unconsciously, these blessed beings will help you with anything.

Doreen  Virtue mentions in her book, Fairies 101, that there are Kings and Queens in the Fairy Realm. They help to organize and oversee the fairies. They have a godlike quality and usually specialize in certain areas. Bernadette had the honor of meeting Queen Fiona who is now part of her elemental network. Fiona has now offered to assign Bernadette's clients with their own personal elemental(s).

Bernadette is now offering this service in a hypnotherapy session or a guided journey where you can meet Queen Fiona and obtain your own magical Nature Spirit(s).

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