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A dedicated researcher and healer, Bernadette has been trained in both cutting edge and ancient healing arts and has over 25 years in private practice. A clinical hypnotherapist highly trained in a vast array of advanced healing modalities, she utilizes hypnotherapy with NLP, Sacred Alchemy, and other revolutionary modalities to tap into the power of the inner world. Her Transformational Hypnosis™ Journeys are deep, powerful, and life transforming. Read More Now


Past Life Regression

Take a Soul Journey into your past and experience a chapter in the autobiography of your Eternal Soul, re-living relevant aspects of your history. Past life regressions are also a method that can go to the cause and core of physical, emotional and mental challenges. They can help you to come to a place of healing and resolution. With the assistance of a trained facilitator, some of the benefits you can reap from a PLR are:

Shed light on close relationships
Release fears and negative experiences that are tied into past life traumas

Go to the cause of your life's challenges and resolve them
Understand and gain an awareness of your life's purpose and destiny
Connect to your soul mate(s)
Revitalize your talents and abilities from the past

Life Before Incarnation Regression

The LBI is a profound and enlightening experience that enables you to access your soul memories while in a super conscious state. This allows you to discover what happens to you in between embodiments while in the spirit world. Oftentimes you will meet with your spirit guardians, your soul group and Council of Elders, as well as the higher selves of relevant individuals who are significant people in your present life. This allows you the opportunity to review your life in your previous as well as current one to best understand your soul's lessons and choices. It's a true privilege to guide a soul through one of these life altering soul adventures. The session lasts usually between 3-4 hours.

Benefits of a LBI Regression

Uncover your own personal history
Receive age old questions answered as to who you are
Learn why you are here and where are you from
Find out about key relationships and the roles they play in your life
Provides spiritual awareness as to your destiny and life's purpose
Gives you profound insights into your own existence
Reconnect with your spiritual helpers and mentors
Come to a place of awareness and peace about death
Recapture the essence of your Immortal Eternal Self


Future Progressions

A future life progression can provide you with insights and guidelines that will help you to progress in life. It can assist you in making better choices and showing you the different options the future can play out for you. If you are curious about the future, want to make the wisest decisions for your life, or at a standstill and not sure where or what to do with your life, this can be a great adventure. With Bernadette's guidance helping you navigate into the future, some of the benefits you can experience are:

Make positive changes in different parts of your life

Tap into your Future Self and bring forth the wisdom and knowledge
they’ve garnered and bring into the present

Use FLP to make wise decisions in your life

Locate your life partner, your beloved

Explore what different probable futures hold for you
and what the strongest one foretells.

Look into what the future holds for the planet and humankind


Aligning with Your New Year’s Divine Intention (New Year, New Beginnings, New Birthday Year, Significant Passage, Endings and New Beginnings). Ride that Highest Destiny Wave and Fulfill Your Greater Divine Plan!! Now you can gain access to each new Life Cycle and align with the highest intention for your soul.

This Sacred Hypnosis Journey assists you in accessing, aligning with, and anchoring the Divine Intention for your next Life Cycle. As you commune with your Divine Self and/or Sponsors/Guides, you can gain the clarity of this New Time, its essence, theme, intention for your soul. You can receive a Sacred Symbol that represents the highest fulfillment of the Divine Plan as well as access a powerful Affirmation to help you anchor the Highest Intention Daily. Questions about your New Cycle can be answered as well as insights and action steps given. The result is you can more easily ride your Highest Destiny wave to greater soul advancement and fulfillment.

Preparing For Your Soul Mate
A Spectacular Hypnosis Journey
Opening Your Heart to Love and all its Wondrous Possibilities

This healing Sacred Journey is very restorative, renewing and revitalizing. It explores how relationships have served your Soul Growth and Advancement, what contracts are in place, and what your Destiny in Love is and prepares you so that you are open to LOVE and having the relationship that is meant for you.

Questions you have set forth can be answered and mysteries unveiled, helping you understand more fully your Journey to Love. A powerful Sacred Alchemy healing takes place as you discover blocks, wounds, beliefs or patterns that have been holding you back to finding love. As you clear subconscious programs, you can rise into the glory of LOVE and your highest Destiny Potential, open to manifesting a truly loving, conscious Beloved relationship. This can be a powerful healing for you, helping you release the past so that your future relationship can be beneficial, supportive, fulfilling and rewarding.

In this session, you can meet with your Soul Mate, Twin Flame or the Beloved destined for you. You will be able to access your Higher Awareness and the Divine Plan for your relationship and see what important action steps to take to support the healing and soul advancement you will make in this session.

Twin Souls

Meet Your Divine Complement
A Spectacular Twin Flame Hypnosis Journey

Journey into the Realms of Light to first meet with your Higher Self, where you can learn how relationships have served your soul growth and advancement. Questions you have set forth can be answered and mysteries unveiled, helping you understand more fully your Journey to Love. A powerful Sacred Alchemy healing can take place as you discover what blocks, wounds, beliefs or patterns have been holding you back to either finding love or enjoying a more fulfilling relationship with your mate.

This can be a powerful clearing for you, while also helping heal patterns in your family line and all humanity. Next, you will meet with your Divine Complement and again, questions you have set up before the session can be answered as you connect with the Higher Self of the Beloved who just may be on Earth, and if not, may be there to guide your 'Journey to Wholeness through Relationship with the perfect Beloved.'


Awakening to Your Inner Healer and Divine Helpers
In the Realms of Light and the Nature Kingdom

Over the years Bernadette has used hypnosis to facilitate a client's personal journey into their own inner world where they can meet their spiritual guides, teachers, the Abundance Deva and their own physician, the Inner Healer. She also assists clients in meeting or receiving their own personal elementals in the Nature Kingdom.

Once a person has met these helpers, they have unlimited access to their wisdom, talents, abilities and resources. Some benefits…

* Can shed light on close relationships

* Release fears and negative experiences that are tied into past life traumas

* Go to the cause of your life's challenges and resolve them

* You can understand and gain an awareness of your life's purpose and destiny

* Gain resolution and clarity on relationships

* Revitalize your talents and abilities from the past

*Once you have made their acquaintance, you do not need to go under hypnosis to communicate with them. Just talk to them, they are always there for you.

Find out More About the Elementals and How they can Bless your Life

Listen to Bernadette's Story on the Elementals

Enjoy a Vast Array of Hypnosis Sessions

Inner Healer, Divine Helpers, Elementals, and Power Ally

Which one is right for you today?

Meet your Abundance Deva: This is a very exciting inner journey that taps you into the Abundance that is your true birthright as your Abundance Deva helps you increase your income and financial wellbeing. This powerful ally can assist you with your material needs in a practical, informative way. You may also visit your Temple of Abundance.

Connect to your Inner Healer: Your Inner Healer can help with physical problems as an adjunct to your medical treatments. You can be guided to the cause and core of your condition, and receive a treatment plan your Inner physician suggests that is best for your healing. In this hypnosis session, the Inner Healer will go over every facet of your life concerning your condition including the optimum diet, nutrition, exercise, rest, recreation, lifestyle or relationship changes, meditation or spiritual practice that will  bring you to a place of wholeness.

Meet Your Own Personal Elemental(s) in the Nature Kingdom: The Elementals or Nature Spirits come in many different forms and shapes. They govern the 4 elements of nature – earth, air, fire and water. They are the custodians of nature and the animal kingdom. They are also here to serve us. The more we believe in the Elementals and team up with them, the more power it gives them to help clean up the Earth.

 Benefits of Having Elemental Friends. They can…  

*Protect and can heal animals, plants and humans
  *Locate a lost pet or help you find a new one.
  *Help find things, or assist you in getting a job or new home
  *Help with your education or your relationships
   *Assist you in attracting and creating your desires
   *Help you with your health or increasing your income
  *Elementals bring you good luck and blessings

Bernadette had the honor of meeting Queen Fiona who is now part of her elemental network. Fiona has now offered to assign Bernadette's clients with their own personal elemental(s). Bernadette is offering this service in a hypnotherapy session or a guided journey where you can meet Queen Fiona and obtain your own magical Nature Spirit(s).

35havasufallsStress Release Therapy

Defuse Negative Emotions and Memories and Heal Shadow Aspects
that have kept you from realizing your Full Potential.

Do you need something that will help you to deal with life's challenging emotions? Than emotional stress release ( ESR ) is for you. It's quick, easy and it works. It safely and effectively defuses any negative emotions you may have and returns you to a more balanced emotional state. You can also use tapping to Heal your Shadow Self. Many people use Emotional Freedom Techniques to help them overcome their difficulties in life. EFT is very effective yet combined with parts therapy it helps to uncover and heal the deep wounded parts of ourselves. If we want to become whole again, than this is a simple process that can help to uncover and heal those hidden parts of ourselves.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular. "
– Carl Jung

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