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Bernadette Jean Marie

2015-08-31-13.52.05-762x1024A dedicated researcher and healer, Bernadette has been trained in both cutting edge and ancient healing arts and has over 25 years of practice. A clinical hypnotherapist highly trained in a vast array of advanced healing modalities, she utilizes hypnotherapy with NLP, Sacred Alchemy, and other revolutionary modalities to tap into the power of the inner world. While her specialties are hypnosis and energy psychology, she is also certified in Psych-K, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Thoughtfield Therapy, Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy, Ho'oponopono, TBM (Total Body Modification), Stress Release Therapy, Kinesiology, Shamanic Healing, Sacred Alchemy, and other cutting edge modalities.

Through experience, Bernadette has observed that people need something that will help them feel empowered within themselves. She helps as well as teaches simple, fast, very effective techniques to bring her clients back into balance. In addition, Bernadette holds classes, certification training programs and workshops throughout the United States.

IMG_1353_2From 2012-2014, she worked closely with Dr. Aurora Ariel in developing a form of hypnotherapy that allowed for a deeper healing to occur than what was seen normally with regressions. Incorporating the breakthrough psychological healing system Dr. Ariel had developed through years of pioneering work in the psyche, the results were remarkable. Not only was there a profound healing taking place in each session with the addition of Sacred Alchemy, a powerful link up took place (as is normal with Dr Ariel's healing work), allowing a healing for the family line as well as all humanity. This was a great breakthrough in the field of hypnotherapy. Now, not only can you go into the past to see the cause of your present ailments, relationship issues, and life conditions, you can heal them at their causal levels, changing your future. Wherever this deeper healing is called for, Bernadette will incorporate Sacred Alchemy into your hypnosis session.

Bernadette offers sessions in person, and also by phone or Skype so you can have this deep healing experience in the privacy of your own home.  


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